The Wilson Lady Pro Staff LCG 11 Club Set has a balanced set of irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and driver for a seamless transition through the entire course. With innovative technology and graphite shafts, the Lady Pro Staff set offers quality without compromise in a stylist set.

US-based Wilson Sporting Goods has been a leader in the sporting goods market, and the company’s golf division has maintained a strong reputation in the field for the last 100 years. Golf great Arnold Palmer is just one of tour pros who has endorsed Wilson Golf products. With more Masters wins than any other brand, Wilson Golf is a name to know.

The light, flexible clubs in the Wilson Lady Pro Staff LCG 11 Club Set are specifically designed for a woman’s game. With lightweight graphite shafts and a standard ladies shaft length, the Pro Staff collection is perfect for a lady golfer’s swing.

The Pro Staff line has been a Wilson best-seller and is considered a true game improvement set. The 12 degree driver has a huge head that provides more contact area for the ball, so players can get more power and forgiveness even upon mishit. The driver’s high moment of inertia launches the ball high and far.

The included hybrids, a type of club that has changed the game of golf, are more versatile and easier for most players to use. A hybrid will get 5 to 8 more yards than an iron on average. Plus, the design of the hybrid puts the center of gravity lower, which means a better trajectory than irons.

In place of the long irons, the Wilson Lady Pro Staff LCG 11 Club offers two fairway woods and two hybrids. Both fairway woods and hybrids have increased in use and popularity, both in tour and casual play, the recent years. Woods and hybrids are easier to use and more versatile than traditional irons. The 6-PW irons are included, all with graphite shafts for superior flexibility. This matching club-only set is stylish with a silver finish and accents of muted green.

Wilson’s Pro Staff sets have truly earned their reputation as one of the most popular golf sets, and this women’s Pro Staff set is no exception. With a nearly perfect player rating, Wilson Lady Pro Staff LCG 11 Club Set is an outstanding upgrade or starter set for lady golfers; it’s easy enough to use for a beginner, but also provides the ability for growth for a more experienced player. As one reviewer said, “Excellent quality and durability. Recommended to all skills and levels!! Great design and comfort.”

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Wilson Golf Ladies Prostaff LCG 11-Piece Set (Right Hand)
Manufacturer: Wilson Golf
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Product Description

Decades of proven club design have made Prostaff the best selling complete sets in the history of the game.

Product Details

  • Lighweight components for better performance
  • High Launch Driver designed for solid contact
  • Wide sole irons with low CG for improved launch
  • Graphite shaft flex matched to swing speed
  • all graphite shafts

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